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Everyday science and technology are advancing together to produce new formulations and therapeutic options. Consequently, some medications get discontinued by the manufacturer or are out of stock for a period of time as new medications are approved abroad.

To support human and veterinary practice, NexGen Pharma is able to provide practitioners access to medication that may not have been registered in Australia or which have been discontinued. Using NexGen Pharma means no type of pharmaceutical is out of reach anymore.

Discontinued Medications

Manufacturers discontinue medications for numerous reasons resulting in many patients having to transfer to an alternative. We understand the inconvenience this can cause in terms of changes in pricing, available quantities, resulting side effects and differences in physical qualities. Our pharmacists at NexGen are able to reconstruct a version of such discontinued or unavailable medication to suit your treatment plan.

Difficult to Find Medications

Many effective medications approved abroad have not yet been registered in Australia. As a certified compounding practice, NexGen Pharma can provide access to numerous medications not commercially available in Australia.