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Compouding Services

Compounding is the process of formulating medication in consultation and under the instruction of a doctor or veterinarian. NexGen Pharma is proud to be able to cater to all our patients’ needs by providing high quality individualised medication. We are also proud to be able to improve the access of our practitioners to a broad range of medications in terms of: forms; doses; flavours; combinations or simply not available in Australia or elsewhere.

Our exceedingly skilled and qualified team has more than 80 years cumulative experience in the compounding and pharmaceutical industry. This has allowed us to develop a range of innovative dose forms at a site designed and purpose built to facilitate the provision of industry leading compounding services.

The formulations produced include:

  • Cytotoxic medications
  • Analgesics
  • Nutritionals
  • Selected antibiotics
  • IVF medications
  • Specialist dermatology medications
  • Veterinary compounded medications
  • Sterile eye preparations
  • Ear preparations
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Men’s health and erectile dysfunction medications
  • Compounded over-the-counter medications
  • Discontinued medications

Prescriptions are Important:

NexGen Pharma requests all doctors, veterinarians, dentists and nurse practitioners inform their patients that they have been prescribed compounded medication and a prescription is required to obtain such medications. It may also be necessary to clarify with patients that there is no commercial “over-the-counter” products available to substitute for customised compounded medications.

About our Compounding Services:

We work closely with practitioners to select the best medication to optimise our patients’ outcomes. At NexGen, our compounding service focuses on four main principles:


    NexGen offers a wide variety of compounded medications in order to meet our patients’ individual needs. We supply various forms, doses and flavours for standard and innovative treatments. This includes over 8,500 formulations for more than 300 therapeutic agents.


    NexGen’s experienced team of pharmacists ensures that every medication performs the same way every time. The entirety of our operations is founded on quality, meaning each product is chemically accurate, reliable and free from contamination.


    Being a member of PCCA Compounding Pharmacy we are committed to providing our prescribers and patients with the highest-quality medications. NexGen Pharma uses a purpose built and designed facility for manufacturing compounded medication. All our products are compounded on site and are subject to thorough quality management processes and procedures to provide the best possible end product.


    At NexGen Pharma we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We operate with a leading team of pharmacists, compounding and dispensing technicians and customer care specialists. The goal of our team is ensure that our prescribers and patients receive the exact compounded medication as prescribed within the least amount of time. Therefore, we aim for all our orders to be shipped within 24 hours upon receipt.