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2018-christmas post

Posted in Educationsl on Dec 23, 2018

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Posted on Dec 01, 2018

Are you struggling to find telmisartan. We can help! We have ready access to options including: Suspensions; or capsules; or transdermals To assist you we have prepared a prescriber information leaflect which you can access below. r please feel free to download the prescriber information leaflet. Prescriber Information Leaflet If you require further information about the product and uses please feel free to contact the NexGen Pharma Team: Email: info@nexgenpharma.com.au Phone: 1300 217 386 From the NexGen Pharma Team

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Posted on Dec 01, 2018

About Aryka We would like to take the opportunity to thankyou Aryka Collier for her service to NexGen Pharma. Many of our clinics would be familar with Aryka from her phone support role. Aryka joined the NexGen team approximately 12 months ago. A visitor from the U.S.A Aryka hails from Georgia. Aryka had prior exprience working with exotics at Zoo's including: the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium in Goodyear Arizona; and the Tucson University Animal Care Research Facility in Tucson Arizona Aryka had a keen interest in animal welfare. This was evidenced by her volunteer work with R.S.P...

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Posted in Educationsl on Nov 30, 2018

Watch this link to learn more about NexGen suspensions!

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Posted in New Products on Nov 29, 2018

Watch this video to learn more about the clicker.

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Posted in Compliance on Nov 08, 2018

NexGen Pharma is committed to continual quality improvement. For this reason we are very active with respect to the introduction of new processes. Today we launch the first phase of our website update. We will be rolling out updates designed to improve the useability and functionality over the next 12 months. Interactive dashboards allowing a customised user experience have been implemented!! These dashboards will be a core feature of new improvements. Some of the functionality that they will allow us to offer in the next 12 months includes: Better order tracking Full access to prescribi...

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NexGen Chews

Posted in New Products on Oct 23, 2018

Why do we need multiple options to dose our patients? Compliance with dosing of medication is a challenge at the best of times. However, compliance is critical to getting the best results when your patients' dose their animals. Interesting statistics: Did you know that studies tell us: The rate of compliance for chronic medication is 76%. This translates into a failure rate of almost 1 in 5 patients. When pet owners are shown one or more ways to administer medication their individual dose compliance rates increase from 59% to 76%. This is why NexGen Pharma is spending significant time...

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