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Posted on Dec 01, 2018

About Aryka

We would like to take the opportunity to thankyou Aryka Collier for her service to NexGen Pharma.

Many of our clinics would be familar with Aryka from her phone support role.

Aryka joined the NexGen team approximately 12 months ago.

A visitor from the U.S.A Aryka hails from Georgia.

Aryka had prior exprience working with exotics at Zoo's including: the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium in Goodyear Arizona; and the Tucson University Animal Care Research Facility in Tucson Arizona

Aryka had a keen interest in animal welfare. This was evidenced by her volunteer work with R.S.P.C.A Australia upon arriving in Sydney.

She arrived as a part-time employee and quickly made herself a critical member of the NexGen team. She will be missed and we hope to see her back in Australia very soon.

From the NexGen Pharma Team