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Posted in Compliance on Nov 08, 2018

NexGen Pharma is committed to continual quality improvement. For this reason we are very active with respect to the introduction of new processes.

Today we launch the first phase of our website update. We will be rolling out updates designed to improve the useability and functionality over the next 12 months.

Interactive dashboards allowing a customised user experience have been implemented!!

These dashboards will be a core feature of new improvements.

Some of the functionality that they will allow us to offer in the next 12 months includes:

  1. Better order tracking
  2. Full access to prescribing history including faxed and emailed prescriptions
  3. Professional practice content customised to the user including CPD programmes

In order to successfully deliver these changes, we may need to update your account details. Our staff can assist you with this process. Please also be aware, that the details you provide are used only for the purpose of accessing your personalised account.

These details will not be used for a marketing or sales purposes. They are solely relied upon for account access.

We understand that major changes can cause some disruption and inconvenience. And, we apologise for any frustration during this transaction period. However, please be aware, if your having any issues our staff are well placed to help your clinic and can be reached on 1300 217 386 or at info@nexgenpharma.com.au

We are sure once we have transioned to our new upgraded system, you will notice and appreciate all the benefits we can deliver.


Alexander Corry B.Pharm, JD.